Our purpose, our mission, our ministry is serving families and striving to do our very best to make a difference during the most difficult time.

The many letters, emails and words of appreciation we receive from families warms our hearts, renews us daily and are appreciated more than we can say.

We are honored to share their comments and blessed by the opportunity to serve.

Exceptional help and care

“Sue and Jeff were exceptionally helpful, caring and very professional. We were treated as if we were family and sincerely felt confident that everything would be taken care of with the utmost care and in a timely manner. They were wonderful.”  

Debra C.

Sense of peace

“All of them were tender and caring. The calming atmosphere and sense of peace and serenity and tranquility meant the most to me.”  

Bonnie C.

Deep appreciation

“Jeff was wonderful in providing the highest quality of care and consideration during the time, before and after my husband’s death. You all did a wonderful job and I appreciate it deeply.”  

Carol M.

Great help

“Horrible situation. Great help.”  

Betty S.

Friendly and professional

“Jeff was very friendly and professional without being somber.”  

Lena B.

Beautiful service

“Thanks so much for all you have done. The service was beautiful. Jeff did an amazing job and gave so many people the closure that they needed. A family member who is a preacher said it was the best service they had ever been to.”  

Wendy L.

Appreciated the help

“I appreciated the help Heckarts gave me when my parents died, therefore when my dog died they were the first ones I thought of to help me again.” 

Joyce H.

Many compliments

“Jeff, Just to let you know how proud I was of you in giving my husband’s service. There were so many compliments.”  

Nancy B.


“Words cannot express the gratitude and support received from you. You made things so easy for us during our loss. With everything happening so fast, I don’t know what I would have done without it.” 

Patty H.

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