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Information About Pre-Planning

Talking about death, let alone planning for it, is often an uncomfortable topic among families.  But it doesn’t have to be.  At Heckart Funeral Home we strive to make sure that pre-arranging a funeral is easy, convenient, and affordable.

Most people interested in pre-arranging a funeral also choose to pre-fund it. Others choose to simply plan the type of service they want, gather all necessary vital statistics, and file their information with us for safekeeping.

For those who choose to pre-fund a funeral, we offer the Heckart Memorial Plan, our exclusive pre-need plan.  The Heckart Memorial Plan was established in 1963.  We were one of the first to offer such a funeral plan.  By having our own plan we are able to offer the families we serve some added benefits. For more information or to begin planning today, call us at 660-826-1750.

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The Heckart Memorial Plan has no large company telling us what is best for the families we serve.  It allows us to provide a financial plan to suit your budget and is more beneficial than life insurance.

Why Pre-Arrange?

  • You plan the type of services that personalize your desires.
  • You select the amount that you feel should be spent on these services.
  • You can decrease or eliminate the possibility of future financial strains that may come with final expenses.
  • You are guaranteed the cost of services at today’s price.
  • You do not pay on this plan forever.  It becomes paid up, which is unlike ordinary burial insurance.
  • You relieve your family from the burden of making so many difficult decisions at a stressful time.
  • You are able to leave your insurance and savings to your survivors.
  • You save your survivors from a great deal of research when you place personal statistical information on file at the funeral home.
  • You have the peace of mind of knowing that your personal wishes and preferences have been carefully thought out.”

– Aurora Casket Company

Many people plan their own funeral in an effort to be helpful to their loved ones.  It’s important to realize that the hours and days immediately following the death of a loved one are usually confusing and stressful.  Having some decisions made ahead of time will insure that they are well thought out.

Unlike most plans, the Heckart Memorial Plan allows you to set up an interest free payment plan, or you can pay cash. Take a look at our Heckart Funeral Planning Guide.

How Do You Pre-Arrange?

Call 660-826-1750 for an appointment.  We will be glad to meet with you when it’s convenient for you.

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