In Loving Memory

Mildred Lorene Bottcher

Mildred Lorene (Baker) Bottcher, 96, of Sedalia, passed away Monday, June 12, 2017 at Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center.

She was born May 4, 1921, in California, Missouri, the daughter of George Bryron and Prudence Pearl Griffin Baker.

She has lived in Sedalia since 1923. She was married to Clarence Harold Bottcher on December 11, 1937, who preceded her in death on October 23, 1993.

Mildred had worked at Town and Country Shoe factory, Interstate Studio and Smith-Cotton cafeteria. She was a member of Parkview Christian Church.

She loved to reading, watch news channels and visiting with her family.

She is survived by three sons, Steve Bottcher (Donna), of Pleasant Hill, Skip Bottcher (Sheryl), of Warrensburg, and Michael Bottcher (Nanci), of Littleton, Colorado; a daughter, Debra Cooper (Mike), of Frederick, Maryland; a daughter-in-law, Patricia Bottcher; a son-in-law, Sandy Sandusky; one sister, Elsie Mayberry, of California; fifteen grandchildren; twenty-three great-grandchildren; and twenty-one great-great grandchildren.

In addition to her husband, Clarence, and her parents, she was preceded in death by three sons, Bill Bottcher, Ronnie Bottcher and one still born sons; one grandson, Ronnie Sandusky; one great-granddaughter, Brittany Sherman; five brothers, Homer, Truman, Buz, Windy and John Baker; and five sisters, Angie Landers, Dessie Rowlette, Stella Strout, Thelma Wheeler and Ann Baker Long.

Funeral services will be 1:30 p.m. Friday, June 16, 2017, at Heckart Funeral home, with the Rev. Mike Cooper officiating.

Casket bearers will be Steve Bottcher, Skip Bottcher, Michael Bottcher, Scott Bottcher, Terry Bottcher and Sandy Sandusky.

Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery.

The family will received friends from 12:30 p.m. until time of service at the funeral home.



  1. Chris Bottcher :

    I hope all these words make it in this post!

    Living for 96 years is amazing! That’s living a famous “FOUR SCORE and SEVEN YEARS” (plus 9 more years). While Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg address was only 272 words long, I could only hope to tell you about Mildred in 272 words.

    I can’t enumerate the timeline of her life from 1921 (but Aunt Nanci made a real good picture book about it!) Nor can I tell you how rough life must have been thru the depression of the late 1920’s and 1930’s and World War II in the 1940’s. But I guess President HOOVER was really hard on her, because he made her a life-long Democrat, as she often reminded me!

    I can tell you that I believe she and I both attended the same Mark Twain Elementary in Sedalia, as did my Dad did until the school was destroyed on a May 4th 1977 tornado (Mildred’s 56th birthday of course).

    And it was always a hoot in high school to explain to classmates that my Aunt Debbie (Mildred’s Youngest and My Dads Sister) was just months younger than myself and my cousin Ron Sandusky. Of course, Grandma was working in the Smith Cotton High school Cafeteria while we went there too, so she always made sure I had enough to eat if I forgot my lunch money or ran short. But truth be told,.. It was not just family credit she was offering,… because she provided numerous interest-free lunch money loans for all kinds of kids. Maybe that was her way to “right the wrongs” of the Hoover Administration! Or maybe it just helps explain Mildred and her sense of kindness.

    I know I spent many summer days at grandma’s house, playing with Aunt Debbie (and my sister Teresa). Sometimes Lisa and Carrie might be there too or even Ron and Leslie if they were not stationed at some far off Air-Force Base. Grandma and Grandpa’s house helped raise lots of kids beyond their own. I guess that’s why we always knew that the world was in perfect order when spending Christmas Eve there. There was just a magic migration to that house that served our families all so well through the years. Maybe a safe shelter from the stormy world the other 364 days of the year! And as ALL the families “multiplied”, there were BOMB shelters with more room than that house on Christmas Eve!

    But if you think about it, that closeness was so Mildred too! My Dad Bill,.. his brothers Skip, Steve and Mike,…. and his sisters Nancy and Debbie always displayed a closeness to Grandma (their mom). I’m sure all the spouses had some initial jealousy of this closeness to their mom, but I imagine they have come to respect that closeness over the years. I mean who couldn’t enjoy the infectiousness of Mildred’s passionate stories and her brilliant smile mixed in with a pause? I know my dad got into some hot water a time or two when the “….I’m gonna run by Mom’s” time went longer than he planned. By God, there may have even been some extra-curricular FOOD served at Grandmas house! Perhaps one of those famous hamburgers she could whip out?

    And you gotta love a woman that would let her husband gut and clean POUNDS and POUNDS of Fish, squirrel, Quale or Rabbit on a regular basis right there on the Kitchen Table. Maybe she knew it was a small price to pay as it was not all for them and since that harvested fish was gonna fry up real nice and feed the whole Bottcher clan for an upcoming family picnic at Centennial or Liberty park. Yes, I definitely remember that big plater of fish; caught, cleaned and de-boned by Clarence and corn meal fried to a crispy perfection by Mildred for the whole family to share. I always like to think that it was a gift from them and probably even a lesson they learned growing up and getting by in the lean years of the depression and WWII. A lesson to help one another with the talents you have – and I imagine food was a scarce currency that was more valuable than gold!

    I know we will all miss Grandma, but I’m sure we can all agree she is in a better place now. I know you all have memories and stories of Mildred that bring a smile to your face or make you think about things she could tell you. It’s hard to imagine that she is now gone from this earth. But I have to think that she has finally joined all the people she has laid to rest over so many years while we were blessed with her company for such a long time here. And someday, I too hope to join all my relatives and we can talk of the good times we had and I can meet the people that I’ve only heard about in stories and they can tell me more about Mildred before she was my Grandma.

    But I bet it won’t be long before she will be knocking on Mr. Hoover’s door and giving him an EARFULL! I reckon she’s got some choice words for him! But Grandma,…PLEASE go easy on him Grandma? I’d like to hear his side of the story too – just to be fair!

    I love you and will miss you Grandma!

  2. Karla Gibson Billings :

    RIP Aunt Mildred. You will be missed. Tell Pa (Homer) I will see him as well as all the Bakers when the time comes.

  3. Sharon Franklin :

    Our condolences to all of the Bottcher family on the loss of this amazing lady. It sounds like there are many wonderful memories to keep her alive in your mind and heart. A special note of sympathy to Travis, a friend of many years.
    The Franklin Family
    Jerry, Sharon, Lisa, Jeff, Michele

  4. Jeff and Patty Swearngin :

    We are sorry for your loss. The entire family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Jeff and Patty Swearngin
    Steve and Nancy (Swearngin) Page

  5. Rok Mouse and Vickie Carrillo :

    Steve, you and your family have our sympathies. We are so sorry for your loss.

    Joel (Rok) Mouse and Vickie Carrillo

  6. Erica Rennison :

    I remember the unique closeness I was afforded growing up with my great grandma. She was always more like a grandma due to my grandparents and parents having kids earlier in life. I loved to hear her stories. I loved that she whistled- which she explained was because she was happy. I love the example she set for her family in remaining close and instilling traditions. I’m always so proud of the Bottcher side of my heritage. Love you Great Grandma.

  7. Mike, so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.

  8. Charlotte Curry :

    Mike, sending prayers of peace to you and the rest of the family. May your memories of your mother help ease the pain of losing her.

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